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Pre-Built ADU in Los Angeles was founded on the foundation of providing customer satisfaction with highest quality of work. While California faced a crisis in affordable housing, we aimed at creating affordable solutions to resolve the problem. We take pride in having a reputation of quality and great work for which we have worked hard with complete dedication to deliver the desired results to our clients.

Our fruitful tasks start with great correspondence, a very much planned arrangement, and a proficient and sensible timetable. Our knowledgeable team is well versed in the laws and regulations of the land and as trained professionals we know how to drive a project to completion. We provide free consultation and solve any queries that you may have and make sure you are convinced with our work before we begin your project. Pre- Built ADU conceptualizes your requirements and then begins with the planning. We ensure to keep our clients involved in every step of the construction process. Plans are finalized with the budget in hand and then the construction process starts. We deliver the final construction within the timeline and the cost that were decided, hence making us flexible to fit in your specifications.

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For close to 20 years we have been working hands on to provide the highest quality product. At Pre Built ADU we strive hard and dedicate ourselves to provide you with what you require. We ensure the utilization of the latest technology and softwares in order to plan and implement our efficiencies into reality.  

Santos, the founder of Pre- Built ADU, leads the company and provides valuable insights and direction regarding Business development, Construction, and Management practices. With a beginning in the Marine Corps and a love for making change and helping others, he brought his core values and drive into the Construction industry. As a licensed General Contractor Santos has close to 20 years of in-field, hands-on experience. Starting in 2001 as a structural steel and concrete foreman at Chevron Refinery, he gained a solid foundation and the skills necessary to build a strong company.

Santos also provides full project estimating, budget formulation and analysis, and works closely with clients to provide comprehensive management services for construction projects and investments.

Santos holds a certificate in Real Estate Development and Investment analysis at UCLA.

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We collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and consultants in order to provide a luxurious ADU to our clients.

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